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Broadband connection

Very unreliable Upload performance. Related to FEC/CRC errors on upstream?

2: Seeker

Hello everyone, struggling to even use my current Internet for regular browsing, nevermind streaming and/or gaming. 

Can people check the screenshot and let me know your thoughts? 

I'm guessing line quality or router firmware issue? 

Ps Download operating as expected, but very long hangs on ANY query or action that uses upload. Present on WiFi + Ethernet


Moderator (Retired)

Hey @Leigh76 that's certainly a high amount of FEC's you're getting!

It could actually be caused by quite a number of things so let's start with the basics first.


Is the router connected to the test socket inside the main BT master socket? If not, then this is the first thing to do. Also, please ensure your not using a telephone extension cable or something similar.



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