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Broadband connection

Vodafone Broadband Router Issue - Can anyone recommend alternative router?

2: Seeker

Vodafone Internet keeping stopping


I have Vodfone Broadband installed at home and have found that the router supplied by Vodafone has many issues with Wireless connections and overall performance. In my opinion the device supplied is not fit for purpose in houses where there are a high number of wireless devices. 


We are only a family of 4, but usually have around 15-20 devices connected to the router via Ethernet and wireless (not all streaming at once).

I signed up for the 76Mbps package to try and avoid such limitations and the line performance of my property is very good - 50Mbs Down / 15Mbs Up...


Once the router has more than 5-7 devices connected and being used, the general performance of the router seems impacted with things like – Netflix dropping regularly, streaming becoming laggy and buffering.


I am considering buying a separate wireless router and replacing or connecting it to the Vodafone router - Does anyone else have experience with poor wi-fi when using a high number of devices?


I am at the end of my tether with customer care - All they seem to want to do is send me another router (3 so far), run me through the same checks again or ignore me.

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4: Newbie

To improve your connection quality try installing another router in Access Point mode.  You can use any Ethernet ports on the second router (and the wi-fi of course) without any loss of speed.  Set the wi-fi on the second router to broadcast on different channels but use the same SSID and wi-fi password. Devices will connect to whatever signals are strongest. 

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15: Advanced member

If you are ONLY having issues when there are a number of devices connected then my experience would suggest that a number of those devices are on the 2.4GHz band.  The router performs very badly on that band, so if that is the only issue you are having it might just be worth investing in some 5GHz WiFi mini dongles for any devices that can use them and don't already have 5GHz!


Regards using a third party router as an AP (Access Point), I've tended to find that the VF router is not fully standards compliant, and sometimes does not play nicely with other network equipment.


If you were to go down the route of abandoning the VF router then I'd probably look at getting a Huawei HG612 V3B modem off ebay (as low as £5), and then look at either Google WiFi or Ubiquiti devices to provide the WiFi signal!


*If you do go down that latter route then you will need to get VF to email your username and password to you!

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2: Seeker


Many thanks

I already have a second VF router in a daisy chain at the far end of the house; it has Alexa, Nest and occasionally mobile phones connected on it by wifi.  I’ve set the wi-fi on the second router to broadcast on different channels using the same name for the Wi-Fi network (SSID) and same wi-fi password.


‘Funny’ just tried to post response and Main router dropped internet connection again (Wifi and Ethernet).

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2: Seeker

Many thanks Keith

Today I disconnected all but the ‘essential’ wifi an dethernet connections and the VF router still dropped.


However very useful tips.

I’ll move all wifi devices to 5.0 (phones/laptops/ipads).

I’ve read before that the VF router is not fully standards compliant, and sometimes does not play nicely with other network equipment.


I take a look at replacing the VF router with a Huawei HG612 V3B modem. Next battle will be getting VF to agree to give me the VF username and password.


If VF know their Router is poor quality, why don’t they offer an alternative? Or at least advise what alternative routers are available on the open market (which  work on VF).

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