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Broadband connection

Vodafone Router Dropping Connection

2: Seeker


It has been 3 months (activation date around mid-January) since we are actively using Vodafone's Superfast 2 service in our household. At the day of the activation, we were told that in the first 10 days ("30 days in extreme cases") we may experience connection drops and bad performance because of "network optimisations". Ever since then, we have been experiencing this issue.

The issue is that the router seems to drop the connection frequently (every 20-45 minutes) for about 3-4 minutes before recovering. During this time, the "WiFi" light on the router stays green, while the "Internet" light is slowly pulsating in green. This stops by both light going out - connection recovered. While the connection is down, all devices are showing that there is "Internet access", however webpages and other online services lose connection. During the day, the connection is stable, usually no issues, however after 7pm it starts doing the issue described above. This goes on for the rest of the night.

This is a very frequent issue that makes it impossible to enjoy any form of online entertainment during the night.

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15: Advanced member

You need to contact tech support and have them test the connection remotely - it could be a problem with the cabinet, the line to your property or your router.


*In the meantime if you have anything plugged into the USB ports on the router unplug them!


**It's usually quicker to contact support using the webchat!

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3: Seeker

I experience the same problems. Still hasn't been resolved 6-7 months into contract.


Vodafone now trying to blame the line in my apartment (which is only 4 years old) , and want me to pay for an engineer and installation of a new line!


Neighbours in the same building have no problems with other ISP's. Moral of the story: Avoid Vodafone broadband like the plague!

Will be cancelling as soon as my contract is up. 

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Thanks for getting in touch @Gaz363 and @pempo2001, I'm really sorry to hear you're having trouble with drop outs and apologise for any inconvenience this is causing. 

So I can access your accounts and run some diagnostic tests, I've sent you both a private message with details on how to get in touch.

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3: Seeker

Your private message sent me in a loop to a generic form. Thanks for the detailed help. 


It's quite clear after 15+ plus phone calls you have no intention of OR can't fix the issue.

Cancelling contract as soon as it is up, only option left. 

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