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Broadband connection

Wifi Connected Without Internet

2: Seeker


Probably something very obvious I'm missing, but every time I connect to wifi I'm getting the "Connected Without Internet" Message. This started last night.
I have reset the route a number of times, and the Internet and Wifi lights on my router are all white, my Content Controls are off, MAC Filter is off.
Would appreciate any thoughts?

And unfortunately like everything else in the modern world, I don't have a device I can connect to via cable rather than WiFi.



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16: Advanced member

You can still log onto the Web interface of the modem/router usually at you'll either need to use the default login details or whatever you may have changed them to.  The status page on the router might give you more details. 

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Hey @Shags 

It might be worth forgetting the network on your devices and then reconnecting again if you haven't already done so!

Since you've done all of the router resets already, drop us a message here with a link to this thread, we can check your router is fully connected to the network our end 🙂

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