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Broadband connection

ip location

2: Seeker

So - i am based in Norfolk.


My previous ISPs were BT and EE

Both gave correct location in Norfolk

Vodafone says I am based in Durham


Any help please





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16: Advanced member

Vodafone UK appears to have 2 pools of IPs from which they allocate dynamically.  From what can be observed, one pool is allocated from their London datacentre, the other from Manchester.

The IP addresses themselves carry no location data, so when a company wants to see where you are they use a third-party database to match up the IP to a location.  This all works fine, while there are enough IPv4 addresses to go around, but as the numbers get increasingly tight it means that ISPs such as Vodafone may have to dynamically allocate IP addresses into geographic locations where those numbers have not previously been seen.

Perversely, I'm not to far away from Durham, but today my IP says I'm in Manchester, but previously IP geolocation has identified me as far away as Belfast (which made RTE TV available!).  Users served by VFs London datacentre have even see VF India IP addresses being used.

Solution:  Again by observation, we know that VF has bee testing IPv6 (a partially functioning IPv6 server came online around 10pm last night but will probably disappear soon), when that comes online it should ease the problems, though geolocation will still be managed by querying a database.


*Observed data may be incomplete or subject to change, so it can't be relied on.

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2: Seeker

Thanks very much for the response

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