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Boost for Wifi Gigacube

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I Have the Vodafone Wifi Gigacube and work from home.  The upload speed isn't enough, how can I boost this.  Please any suggestions.



Hi @THERESACOGBILL, what upload speeds are you receiving? If you would like to include your postcode on your Community profile, we'll be happy to check what speeds we would expect in the area 🙂

Hi Mark, Thank you for replying to me.  Currently I am experiencing between 0.5 and 2.5.  I need a minimum of 4 as I work from home.  I hope you can assist or point me in the right direction.

Thanks @THERESACOGBILL The speeds we would expect you to receive in this area over 4G are anywhere between 0.9 - 23.2Mbps for your upload. I have taken a look over the mast we would expect you to connect to and this looks to be working as expected. Have you previously experienced higher than the 4Mbps speed you are looking to achieve in this area, or has the speed always been the same?

Hi Andy

It has always been a bit hit and miss to be honest but the last week I have had some real troubles working.  I am never getting much over 3mb upload to be honest.  Today I spoke with an engineer and reached a little over 5mb but not for long.  I need a resolution for this as my job is now in jeopardy.  If I can't do my work then I may lose my job.  It is that serious.

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion



If you are working from home you shouldn't be depending on a mobile signal especially in a location where the signal is poor you need a fixed broadband connection for a stable connection for your zoom meetings and internet access.


The Gigacube is an expensive way to try and achieve a reliable connection especially if your are unable to do your job as a result of a poor internet connection.


Take a look at Vodafone broadband to see the speeds you can achieve for your location here: Vodafone Broadband


You can also take a look at mobile repeaters, but you will be looking at spending at least £400.00 to get something decent to do the job.  Also, further information on mobile repeaters from the Ofcom site.



Hi AnnS

Thank you for your reply, I do not have access to fibre broadband otherwise I would have transferred my Virgin account with me as had no issues at all with them.  I only have copper internet or Wifi.  Vodafone advised the Gigacube would be sufficient.  All of which was advised when I was searching for best options.  Also at no point was anything else offered.

I'm disappointed to hear you weren't given all the options available when you contacted us about a broadband service @THERESACOGBILL. I agree with @AnnS and would advise looking into a home broadband service, this would offer you a more stable connection and would put an end to the issues you're currently experiencing. I've taken a quick look into our broadband service in your area and can see the average download speed is 35mbps. This is more than enough to keep you connected to Teams, or most video calling services. I'd also like to take a closer look at the issue you're having with your Gigacube and make sure you're receiving the best service available to you. To help me do this, please confirm 👉 

- Does the issue occur if you try your SIM card in a different phone?

- What errors are seen or heard when the issue occurs?

- When did you first notice this issue?

- Is the issue permanent or intermittent? If intermittent, are there certain times of the day when it occurs?