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SMS over wifi with Poco X3 Pro?

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Hi all

I've just got the news about Vodafone retiring all sure signals. Great. I've recently signed up to a new contract with Vodafone for 2 years!

Luckily my phone does support wifi calling, and it seems to work, but although it claims to support SMS over WiFi, it doesn't seem to actually work, either send or receive. I need this for two factor auth, bank payments etc. I've talked to the Vodafone people who have basically tried turning it off and on again - no help. They will say the phone isn't on their approved list, even thoughn various other Xiamoi phones are.


Does anyone out there have a Poco X3 pro that can send and receive SMS / texts via WiFi calling?


If it's not possible, looks like my wife and I will be leaving Vodafone, after 15 plus years in my case...


4: Newbie

Its a Vodafone issue.
Your phone can do SMS over WIFI but Vodafone doesn't allow it.
Comparison reviews of mobile networks WIFI calling which I have seen say that on Vodafone, SMS over WIFI will only work for a few types of handset which must be purchased directly from Vodafone, even then there's no guarantee it will work.

Me and wife have both recently signed up to new sim-only contracts, purely on the basis that we could use Sure Signal.
With the Sure Signal switched off, VoWIFI is working on our Xiaomi handsets but SMS over WIFI won't.

Vodafone need to accept that Sure Signal customers should be released from their contracts without penalty because its Vodafone who have removed their service.

That's really annoying. Vodafone, I need to know when my phone will support SMS over WiFi? If it's not within the next month or so, before the Sure Signal is shut down, we will need to move to other providers. And we will expect to be released from both of our newish contracts, as you will no longer be providing the service we are paying for.  My wife's phone doesn't support WiFi calling, but is otherwise fine - there's no point replacing it for the sake of it.


If it's just a matter of turning on the service for this particular handset model, why can't it be done in a day or two? Why was so little notice given? Why wasn't I told before I renewed my contract, and bought a new phone?


I'm not impressed by how Vodafone has handled this.

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

Hey @sandspider, I've had a look at the list on our website here and the Poco X3 Pro doesn't appear to be listed as one of the supported phones. I'm really sorry, but this would explain the issues you've been having with the SMS over Wi-Fi. I can see that you've also commented on a separate thread about this. As my colleague Mark pointed out there, you can keep your eyes peeled on our Coming Soon page for any future updates 👍

Thanks, but this also doesn't really help me. I need to know when my phone will support SMS over WiFi, or at least if it will do it before the sure signal is switched off. If it can't be done before then I will need to break contract and move to a new provider. At which point I would also expect a refund for the cost of the Sure Signal as Vodafone is choosing to cut them off, and thereby breaking their contract to provide the service we're paying for.


<<This was a reply to Farai, but the quote seems to have disappeared>>

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

I understand that it is important to keep connected, especially now @sandspider - We don't have any updates currently for the Poco X3 Pro being compatible with SMS over Wi-Fi. We are continuously working with manufacturers to improve the features and services on these devices. 

I'd advise to keep an eye on our coming soon page for any updates. 

We would hate to see you leave, if you did want to discuss your options with our cancelations team they can be contacted on 191 (from a Vodafone number) or 0808 040 8408 (from an alternative number).


Just off the phone with Vodafone tech adviser who took note of our handset models and IMEI numbers and says he'll get SMS over wifi calling enabled on our handsets within 24-48hrs.
This was after lengthy online chat messaging with a Vodafone customer complaints representative.
We'll see what happens next.....

That's interesting. Slightly believe it when I see it, given Vodafone's promises in the past, but fingers crossed for you.


Let us know how it works out?

Did it happen?


The best Vodafone can do for me apparently is to release my from my contract, so I don't have to pay them for the service I'm not receiving!

Was told by tech support I would receive a text when SMS over wifi calling had been activated within 24-48hrs.
Five days go by and SMS over wifi still not working.
Complaint handler called 2 Aug said would liase with tech support and call back next day 3 Aug.
As our handsets are not on Vodafone's (very limited) list I doubt they will ever be enabled for SMS over wifi by Vodafone even though they have the functionality.
I also have an appointment booked with a member of staff at local Vodafone shop to discuss my issues on Thu 4th.