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Internet speed

100% Proof of throttling twitch iptv etc.

3: Seeker

So thats it im.done with vodafone. 

Recieved an initial positive call where we rant through some speed test and confirmed i have very slow speed when streaming iptv. 

Otherwise a good speed. 

Passed up a level where i was fed the worst amount of BS about my devices. VF dont support VPN. its my wifi devices, blah blah crap. Told to split my wifi between 5 and 2.5.

Blah blah more BS

 Then promised to ring me back. Never did. 


So today i signed up with sky fibre. Ill pay the three months exit fee just to shake loose of this cheap ##~## BS company. 


Watching match tonight and wifi signal dropped to between 0-1.5mb. And im the only user in the household. Couldnt even get an internet connection to log back in..

Poor service. Get out people earliest opportunity. 

Will never come back and will post all over social media about the shocking service from customer service to actual product service. Complete fail. 







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14: Advanced member

you do know that if you dont get the service you pay for then you can leave for free 


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4: Newbie

keeping my options open can I cancel after 10 days saying I am within cooling off period saying not satisfied with service my main reason Netflix 4K and iptv, don't want to go through checks doing this and that knowing there is nothing wrong with my setup. Obviously not useing there router as I have 25 devices connected from security cams smart home ipads phones etc. To me it looks like there throttling some video sites prime 4K ok, Netfliks fast .com average about 5Mbps iptv pixelalated.

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14: Advanced member

You got 30 days to cancel if your a new customer 

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3: Seeker

So with sky. 

No more more pausing and buffering. 

Wifi all around the house. Even my the cordless and mobile phone. 

Vodafone are a joke and a bunch of liars. 

Get out of the contract as soon as you can. They strangle hd streams. 

Bye bye people. Good luck. 

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4: Newbie


Having recently joined Vodafone from Sky (Due to the regular price increases!), I'm regretting the move due to poor line performance (Despite the line / speeds previously being exceptional with other providers, inc Sky).


My question is, when you advised you wanted to terminate within the cooling off period. Did Vodafone terminate the service (telephone and broadband)? or were you able to order from Sky and have services migrated with minimal downtime?



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