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Internet speed

100% Proof of throttling twitch iptv etc.

2: Seeker

Went to BT on Saturday, sync speed is already 20% higher.

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4: Newbie

Well done.


Express VPN seemed to increase my speeds on the unlimited max plan by over 20Mb/s.


Still monitoring it though. A VPN might be the only option.


Shouldnt have to use a VPN to use the services major issues if thats the case.

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1: Seeker

Still an issue in 2020

I have just signed up over a month ago on fast2. Didn't see these issues at first but particular streaming services were useless unable to stream constant buffering regardless of quality. Services were only based in germany so didn't think this would be such an issue. But during peaktime traffic was getting bounced around all over the show and it then began to happen outside of peak time too. General performance of the broadband has been good even for gaming and downloading, just specific routes or services that seem to really suffer.


Going through the normal engineer visit channels at the moment as my sync speed is lower than advertised so cant seem to get anywhere until that is cleared as thats just being blamed as the issue.


However I can confirm using expressVPN fixed my streaming issues. Im using a rock64 as VPN client and pushing all TV traffic through this makeshift router and the buffering issue stopped instantly. Seems to be a good workaround but less than ideal for anyone without a spare pi laying about.

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3: Seeker

Ive been having increasing issues with streaming over past 6 months, to the point that I can no longer stream.


Noticed my bill has sneaked up as well, so time to jump to a different ISP.  This issue has been going on far too long.

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