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Internet speed

48Mb FTTC sync with 3.1Mb download

9: Established

Is there some sort of throttling going on with Vodafone in the evenings? Upload I get full rate but download is currently (22:00) 3.1mb with direct cat6 cable into router and no other devices connected.


Never had this before, only just started so looks like either Vodafone has run out or reduced capacity or introduced some kind of peak time shaping.


I'll raise a fault and continue to monitor but reading a lot of other posts here with people experiencing the same issue. 


Before I get the copy and paste from a mod saying I bought sync speed, please know this is incorrect. Vodafones advertising explicitly sells "download speed" which is capacity related, NOT FTTC cab sync speed.



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Hi @sophos9 If you're still experiencing problems connecting, pop us a Private message on Facebook or Twitter and we'll be happy to take a closer look into this for you 😊

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