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Internet speed

Abysmal Peak Time Speeds

2: Seeker

I've recently swapped from Plusnet to Vodafone, and hopefully this will serve to deter anyone else looking to take up Vodafone's terrible broadband service.

On Vodafone, I get a higher sync rate than I ever did at Plusnet, however I was able to pull 50mb at any time of day or night.

Vodafone's joke of a connection gives me a 67mb sync rate, and an evening peak time speed of around 4mb.

Streaming is virtually impossibe and webpages time out.

This happens with the stock Vodafone router, or with my own Vigor 130 and Unifi USG.

Wired/WIreless makes no difference (Using Unifi UAP AC Pro access points and HP Switches in my home lab, so wifi isn't a problem)

All support want to do every time is look at my sync rate and deem it to be OK.

It's not OK.  Annoyingly, after the training period it did improve for a couple of days.  Enough to make me think it had been fixed and my cooling off period lapsed.


Do yourself a favour.  Avoid Vodafone broadband.  It seems they don't invest in their network and it's overcontended.


It's like the old dial up days where you'd get stuck on a contended server and you have to redial over and over again to get a better speed. 

Reconnecting the broadband seems to help for about an hour then it's back to crawling. 


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Hey @soopahfly - we'd love to help get you up to speed! We'll need to access your account to help get you up and running - please contact our team via Facebook, or get in touch on Twitter. You can find more information on doing this here.

Make sure to pop your username and link to this thread in your message too, this will save you having to explain again and we can help you quicker. 


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2: Seeker

Already dealing with support.

Getting the usual run-around.


Here's an interesting set of trace route results :


Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 3 ms 2 ms 2 ms []
2 37 ms 22 ms 20 ms []
3 15 ms 15 ms 16 ms
4 19 ms 17 ms 16 ms []
5 39 ms 35 ms 30 ms
6 18 ms 17 ms 16 ms

Trace complete. belongs to a server in the states.



Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms []
2 15 ms 15 ms 14 ms []
3 17 ms 15 ms 16 ms
4 32 ms 37 ms 39 ms []
5 27 ms 23 ms 23 ms
6 16 ms 17 ms 16 ms

Trace complete.


There it is again.

Every Trace route I do in the evening goes via that server in the states.



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2: Seeker




Pics don't want to show, probably down to the 1.1mb broadband I'm currently enjoying. 




2: Seeker

Have you got anywhere with this?

I have been logging poor speeds during peak times for over 2 months now. Always get the same nonsense of changing wifi channel number etc etc. I am hardwired into the router, speeds are fine in the mornings/afternoons. Early evenings I am getting about 12Mbps instead of the 76ish Mbps I normally get.


I just want to get this cancelled now.

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