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Internet speed

Anyone else having these issues?

2: Seeker

Hi all,


Been with vodafone for around 17 months and had a generally good line. A few months ago I started to have random disconnections, with a much slower speed when reconnected (usually I sit at 40 down, 8 up, but would return with anything between 1mbps - 20mbps). It seemed that this occured during peak times only.


Last night the same happened again, but this morning the line has not returned to normal. I have been getting around 5mbps down and similar up. 


I have tried the following: 


-restarting router

- switching between 3rd party router and stock vf router

- replacing microfilters

- replacing cables


Nothing has made a difference. I spoke to cs this morning who advised me that they suspected the issue was on my side, and to plug it directly into the test socket. Having now done so, I am getting a consistent 12-14 mbps, which is ok, (yet significantly lower than the 70+ advertised) but I fear that when 6pm roles around it will drop and I wont be able to get through to support (interestingly, cannot get through to support now either, so they are obviously fielding a large number of complaints). 

Is this an example of the much spoken of over-provision on these forums? Seems strange that the test socket has resolved it somewhat, although I suspect that once I get my 'proper' speeds back it will now be faster than the typical 40 down I was previously receiving. 

I guess my question is, what is going on with vodafone? Should I hold out for the final month then switch, or is it worth me going over to a better provisioned service? 


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16: Advanced member

Okay, this is just a preliminary answer....


By any chance has your central heating just started coming on in the last few days?  I ask because what you are describing sounds more like electrical interference!

I'd not discount other possibilities, but the issue I think you are referencing that affects too many users is more down to lack of capacity at some nodes, and it manifests as good sync speeds, but with surprisingly low data rates...

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