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Internet speed

Broadband slow speed

2: Seeker

VODAFONE!,Your internet/broadband speed is so slow. Please be the good person in this situation and fix my broadband speed. You guys are also charging me extra for your terrible WiFi connection which can't even reach my room.

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3: Seeker

Same here.  I ended up calling Vodafone support and they reset something that can best be described as "enhancement measures"  for my line.  I went from a fluctuating 14Mbps to 40Mpbs.  I was happy at that time.  Tomnight?  Same scenario.  Hilariously, during the day, no problem.  It's when the evening comes 7pm that the speed reduces and then 8pm, it's rock bottom unusable.  Packets dropped, speedtest fluctuating...etc

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Hi @MatinA1357, if you could get in touch with us by clicking here, we will be happy to take a look at your service and get you up to speed 😊

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