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Internet speed

Decreasing Sync Speed

1: Seeker

Before taking out a contract with vodafone a couple months ago, I was told that engineers would make sure that I'm getting the best possible speed out of my line. Initially, my router synced at 13mbps which is pretty close to what I was receiving previously on BT. However, a few weeks ago, my speed dropped to 10.9mbps and more recently to 9.5mbps.


I tried to contact support via live chat and was told that the technical team would be working on my issue. I received a couple messages telling me that they were working on the issue however there never was any change in speed. I contacted vodafone support again and was told that it wasn't an issue, as long as I hit the minimum of 7.2mbits.


I'm pretty sure that this is an issue at the cabinet as openreach is now (wrongly) reporting a minimum speed of 58mbits when that is physically impossible on our line and, unlike before, there is no variation on speed whatsoever, as if it has been capped somehow.


Live chat support doesn't seem to care as long as we are hitting our minimum speed and I'm not even able to claim the 15% discount.

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