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Internet speed

Download speed bad since changing to vodafone

2: Seeker


Day 1 (In a big brother geordie voice)

AM speed at 32mb-  after 5pm less than 3mb

Tried everything- wired-etc- re starting router...blah blah, can't speak to anyone of course...


I genuinly believed a company like vodafone wouldn't lie to gain market market share? very strange. Anyhow, needless say I'll be cancelling my contract on day 2. Well done vodafone.. shocking LOL



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@tismemart Hi there, I understand slower speeds must be disappointing. We always advised that in the first 10 days there may be some interference and inconsistent speeds, as during this time, everything is still settling. 
If you're still experiencing these issues after the 10 days have passed, please pop a message over to us on our Social Channels. We'll then be able to run some tests and see exactly what is happening. 
Please contact us via Facebook Direct Message at Vodafone UK, or via Twitter Direct Message using the handle @VodafoneUK

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2: Seeker

Thanks for the reply Coleen.

I'll await 10 days. I'll return the product after if the speed is unsatisfactory and not as advertised.




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4: Newbie


How did you get on?

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