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Extending WiFi using extender with Ethernet Cable

2: Seeker

Hi. I have a 3 floor house and my phone line comes into the basement so the Vodafone router has to be down there. So I don’t get WiFi anywhere except basement due to thick walls. I do however have Ethernet cable running from there throughout the house. Other threads have talked about adding a WiFi extender using Ethernet cable which is what I want to do. However I need to know what extender to get? Does it have to be a Vodafone one? Do some work better than others and most important will it be easy for me to set up and have clear instructions?  Please could you recommend something to get?  In theory could I add 2 extenders one on each floor? Does this dilute the signal? Thank you for your replies

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@Londonusers The extenders don't necessarily have to be Vodafone ones and you're free to shop around to find the best deal on the extender and the installation of this.
You can also have multiple extenders on different floors. The downside to this is that there very well may be some reduced signal (looking at it simply, the further it has to travel the more it can be lost). On the plus side though, if you currently have no/limited broadband availability on these floors, then the extenders certainly can't make things any worse and it would definitely be worth trying it 😊

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16: Advanced member

If I were in your situation, then I'd probably be looking at using the BT Whole Home Mesh system.  Just be aware that the discs need to be close to the master when you set them up, but can be moved to the separate floors (and connected via the ethernet cables) once set up.


*Using mesh "Access Points" should make the operation of the network totally transparent to your users, which is not always the case when you are using conventional "extenders".


**Connecting such devices over a power-line network can apparently be problematic if the powerline adapters filter multicast traffic.


There are similar products available from a whole host of manufacturers, including but not limited to Google, Netgear, Asus, D-Link, Ubiquiti.....

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