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Internet speed

Fluctuating Ping

2: Seeker

Firstly, I'm not the account holder because I am simply renting in the property.

Over the past 3 days the ping on the internet has been really all over the place, going from 10-20ms to 600+.

Nothing has changed with my desktop nor in the household. Unable to find any issues using the broadband app and Vodafone support won't look into the issue because I'm not the account holder.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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Thanks for getting in touch @Priestpel. You can try a little troubleshooting from home.

  • If you can access the router page, check for any firmware updates.
  • Check all of the cables going to and from the router, for any damage.
  • Are you just having this issue over Wi-Fi? Check on a wired connection too.

Give those a try and let us know how you get on.

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