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Internet speed


2: Seeker

Had Gigafast installed last week. Went for the 900mbps package.


Speeds were good for over a week but now for the last 3 days I'm lucky to get 30mbps down while upload speed remains fine. Line is fine from City Fibre cabinet as installers did a new install at a neighbours property yesterday so asked him to run a quick test.

Tried with a UK Location using Express VPN suddenly speeds increased on download to 150mbps+ turn the vpn off and I'm back to 20mbps-30mbps

Seems somewhere on the vodafone transit network is broken or overloaded and throttling these download speeds. 3 Days waiting for tech support to come back to me. 

Anyone experienced similar issues... try the usual stuff changing the dns servers in the router etc. This isn't a line problem or internal network problem but somewhere is broken on the Vodafone transit route.


Im based in West Yorkshire but seem to be using the gateway anyone else with the same gateway not experiencing these slow speeds? 

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I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with your speeds recently @SOWIR, was everything sorted when our Tech team called?

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