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Internet speed

Gigacube speeds are rubbish

2: Seeker

Just got my 4g *unlimited* Gigacube from the store today and got it set up to hopefully replace my poor ADSL.
Im looking at a consistent 5-15 mbps upload speed with more often than not, less than 1mbps download speed.

- Is there an activation delay for my service rather than it being instant use?
- What are the average speeds people are seeing?
- Is it possible that i have a faulty device?

I have another 13 days in which i can return this as not fit for purpose and i had some high hopes for this as ADSL is the only option where i am at the moment.

Is anyone able to advise?

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Hey @almightyspoon - nothing should stop you from getting the best speeds possible. Has there been any improvement, since you last got in touch?

Please let me know your full postcode and I'll be happy to double check on our network around that area, in case there's anything that might be causing some disruption. 

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