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Internet speed

Gigafast 500mbps worse than BT infinity 60mbps!

2: Seeker

Hi. I’m new to this forum but hope someone can help.....I recently ditched my BT infinity fibre broadband to ‘upgrade’ to Gigafast 500. However, despite my Speedtest app consistently confirming 400-500 mbps the ‘real world’ results are that me and my family suffer much more buffering of video files, severe lag on gaming (Roblox on the kids tablets and laptop) and my video calls with colleagues are far less reliable now than ever before. Might there be something I need to do in my router settings to fix this? I previously assumed an improved Wi-fi download speed would be enough to deliver better results but it seems that’s not the case. I should mention that I have also noticed a slower download speed of on-demand TV programmes on Sky, often meaning waiting for the download to reach 2% before we can start viewing the programme, something that we never had to do with BT infinity before (despite being attached to the router via the same Ethernet cable as before). Any suggestions most appreciated 😀

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Hey there @Jayu, during the current situation I appreciate how important it is to have a stable connection and make sure you are getting what you are paying for!

It sounds like some tests may need to be ran on your line to decipher if it's a WiFi issue or line issue - Unfortunately, we don't have access to Gigafast systems as there is a dedicated team for Gigafast, I would advise contacting them on 0333 304 0191 so that they can assist you with this 😊

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