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Internet speed

Gigafast Query

3: Seeker

What average speed i would get on Gigafast if i paid for the 900/900 service ?

Would the speed drop quite a bit depending on external traffic on the network ?

What speed guarantees are provided by Vodafone regarding this ?

Any issues with streaming or downloading from usenet ?

many thanks


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2: Seeker

All I can give is my experience.

I've had the 500/500 product for a few weeks now.

I get 500/500 24/7 when running OVH speedtest to a UK server.

Usually it's a little over 500 both directions.

The Up speed takes a few seconds to reach 500 since (I did read why that was somewhere) but it's pretty rock solid when it gets there.

The problem I had was updating all my internal routing to get that speed throughout the house (a good problem to have!).

I'm using my own router - and Asus AC56U for reference - simply because the VF supplied one doesn't play nice with my own VOIP service (LocalPhone).


My 2c worth...

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3: Seeker

Cheers Andy, I am using the asus ac68u on my fttc connection at the moment, and it works great and allows me to use a vpn on the router.

Your speeds sound good so that is promising, and most of the house is hardwired apart from mobile devices, so hopefully that will help with speeds.

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4: Newbie


If you're hard-wiring I don't think you'll have any problems.  The only speed reductions I get is due to old and low-spec Wifi adapters in mobiles and laptops.   I have the 500 service and the lowest speed with an old mobile is 12M whereas its 500-520M+ with Ethernet and ac WIFI cards like the new iPads.  

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Hey @Chalkyman! As Gigafast is a brand new service it's currently dealt with by a Specialist team. They're contactable on 08080 034 515 and will be able to answer any queries you have ☺️ Ross 

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