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Gigafast Speed Throttling (FTP - Single Thread Downloads) - Morning, Noon and Night,

8: Helper
8: Helper



I have the Gigaslow 900mbps service. I had issues like a lot of others at the start of Jan 2019 with single thread / FTP downloads (chronically slow) and Netflix unusable.


I'm currently working on a home automation project using Home Assistant.


The website I am using a lot at the moment is GitHub and even a simple download of 2mbps can take up to 1hr to download. I can get round the problem with Github using a VPN or a multi thread download program.

I don't see why I should need to go through these hoops when this should work by default. 


I am also trying to set up a build of Kali Linux which firstly you create a bootable USB then you access their FTP site to download the various different modules to install on a live computer.  I left my laptop running for 18hrs and the download of the necessary files was still at 45%.  The laptop was connected via Wi-Fi - 1 foot away from the router.


I decided to run a ftp speedtest from on a separate computer (wired)- max 20kbps on all different sizes of files tested.  I tried this morning, noon and night no difference with the results.


I have also tried setting port forwarding rules for ftp port 21 to the specific IP of the laptop.  No difference!!


I cancelled the installation and decided to take my laptop into my work today (BT Broadband). I went through the same steps within Kali Linux and surprise, surprise it was fully installed within twenty minutes.


Is anyone else having similar issues specifically with FTP?







Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

If changing your Wi-Fi channel or our other diagnosis steps don't improve things for you @Shooto, please pop our team a message on Twitter or Facebook. We'll then be able to get to the bottom of this for you. Please make sure you include a link to your post and your Community username. You then won't need to repeat yourself.

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Well since I left BT and joined with Vodafone my download speeds SINGLE THREADED are a joke.
Multi threaded is good, but most streaming applications are single threaded, and I do notvied the lag with my Sky Box downloads, Fire Stick streaming and other streaming applications (all connected over Ethernet, even now my Gen2 FireStick)
With BT for over a year no issues!  Only went to Vodafone to save costs, I have warned everyone I know about this and will hit social media about this once I get the time. As the old saying goes, buy twice :Sad_face:

Oh and I did phone support many a time explaining all of this... no one cares in Vodafone, just take your money and not living up to the contract underwritten by Vodafone...I'm sure that is breaking the law ?

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Hey @MKocak  I completely appreciate how frustrating this must be for you!  I'd recommend giving our Gigafast boffins a call on 191 from mobiles or 0333 3040 191 from landlines,  we'd love to get this resolved for you!

Thank you but the last call I made in Saturday morning 20th June 2020, the tech team said they will only test multi threaded downloads and as far as they can see I get my said rate, and there is nothing they can do. I have ALL the technical evidence to show that while I was with BT my single and multi threaded downloads have been what I pay for, when I went to Vodafone, my single threaded downloads which what majority of streaming devices only use is now half of what I pay for. Things like my sky box, amazon fire stick, Netflix suffers as a result. I am looking raise a formal complaint and go to the ombudsman services as a result of such poor customer services with out a care in the world. I would like to leave this contract with out penalties and go back to BT even though I will pay double I will get double the service. Vodafone will not let me leave no matter how much i say this is a BIG issue, and I can produce all the technical evidence required (I have daily automated check on my vdsl line looking for any speed issues for both single threaded and multi threaded.

We want you to be happy with the service and we would hate to see you leave @MKocak. I know that you have previously called, but I would recommend you giving the GigaFast team another call on the number provided by @Anonymous 🙂