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Internet speed

Gigafast router location

4: Newbie

Just had my gigafast 500 installation today.


Went fine, installed my fibre entry point on the first floor next to my main desktop PC so I can connect wired for more reliable internet.


The problem now is that previously Virgin media router was on the ground floor right in the middle of the house so had really good internet everywhere.


Now, my Vodafone router is on the side of the house so as soon as i go downstairs in the kitchen (the other side of the house) the internet is terrible and signal is bad.


My TV is also really poor with Netflix too now.


Just wondering what my options are?


Don't really want to use a powerline adapter, they don't work very well in my house and unreliable.


Is my only option to run a long ethernet cat 6 / 7 cable from the fibre entry point all the way to the other side of the house and put my router there?

Or can I ask vodafone to move it.

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17: Community Champion

Assuming you've checked you're on the best wifi channel etc,  a long cable and relocating would probably be the easiest and cheapest solution.
The other options would be to look at installing a Wifi Mesh system, these vary in price depending on the coverage (how many nodes) and bandwidth (dual vs tri band) options you require, but a good system should be able to give you a good wirelessly connection throughout the house thus allowing you to maximise your new connection.

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4: Newbie

Thanks, yes just made a call seeing if the fibre access point to the house can be moved so that the cable wouldn’t need to be as long 

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