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Internet speed

Gigafast speeds dropped over time.. now 10x slower than expected / paid for!

2: Seeker

We were one of the first customers to get gigafast 900 - in the first two weeks it seemed ok, generally 70mb/sec downloads, 90+ on good days.


For the past few weeks we've been getting a tenth of that speed. Nothing has changed on our setup or network, the speeds have just been getting gradually slower and slower over time. This stinks of traffic sharing / capping, despite being told that's not being done. What else could it conceivably be?


Going to have to massively downgrade our plan if this is all we can expect from now on.  What a letdown.

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Hi @silkvff, There's some home checks we can do which can provide you with better speeds. Where in the house is your router positioned? Is there anything surrounding the router that could interfere with your broadband connection i.e. Microwaves, baby monitors, refrigerator, mirrors, cupboards etc? Does this happen on a wired connection? What kind of master socket is the router plugged into i.e non-filtered or pre-filtered? Could you have knocked the micro filters or router while vacuuming for example? Is there any damage to the micro filter? Has there been any road works in the street near to your cabinet? All of these can impact your WiFi experience.

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2: Seeker

Hi @DaneB


Believe it or not we wired up the entire house with CAT6 boxes and cables as part of the upgrade. We're on 1 gigabyte (CAT6) ethernet, wired - hence at the start getting max speeds (we reached100MB/sec at one point!)


Nothing at all has changed on our network, we've just watched as the speeds get worse and worse. I can't comment on external work but we're on a cul de sac and nothing seems to have happened nearby, the green box is still standing just down the road from us.


re: filters - isn't that for standard broadband, not gigafast? Our router is plugged into the modem as it should be on gigafast, also via CAT6 cable. Out PC's are then wired to the router via CAT6. The engineer screwed the modem to the wall and wired it in so I don't know if something there has gone wrong maybe.


We did previously have an engineer out when we first noticed the speeds dropped - he said out whole network is set up fine, but couldn't get speeds on his own test above 70MB/sec. He said at the time they were doing things on the lines and to give it some time... but it's just gotten worse.



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4: Newbie



The reply from DaneB shows just how clued up the people giving advice from vodafone on here are. and the ones on lve chat are even worse. They will be telling you next its because the cats wander around thats causing the problems, mistaking Cat6 for 6 real ones. In my case it was because I had 10 smart bulbs controlley by Alexa that was causing the problem. 

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2: Seeker

I actually have five cats... cat5... maybe that's the issue

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