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Internet speed

Guaranteed Superfast 1 minimum download speeds

2: Seeker

I have been a Superfast 1 customer since June 2020. The contract notes a minimum download speed of 25mbps with an average of 35mbps . I have rarely achieved either the minimum and never the average speeds. I have spoken to custome services on the issue several times, the last was on 21 Sept where, after speaking with an advisor and manager regarding the situation neither of them would confirm my guaranteed speed on Superfast 1 and would only say my download speed is between 18 - 32 mbps with a guarantee of 18mbps. I'm am really disappointed with Vodafone and their lack of customer service and am now considering contacting OfCom as I feel I have been mis-sold this product. Has anyone else experenced this situation?

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10: Established

This may sound like I am making excuses for Vodafone, believe me I am not. Their support is appalling and their broadband product only slightly better.

When they talk about download speed in their advertising they actually mean sync speed. You can see your sysnc speed by logging into the router.

Your sync speed will depend on your distance from the Openreach cabinet and you can see what BT think you should get here:

and Vodafone's estimate on their checker here:

Once you know what sync speed you should be getting, if your actual sync speed is not close to the estimates then that is for Vodafone to rectify.

If your sync speed is O.K. then we can move onto actual download speeds. Because WiFi is subject to various possible disruptions (distance, interference) you need to test wired if possible.

Even wired you can only expect about 90% of of your sync speed at best due to overheads.

If wired speeds are O.K. but WiFi speeds are low that is something you need to resolve, you will find many articles on the web on how to improve your WiFi, some more helpful than others.

If wired speeds are O.K. most of the day but slow down at busy times (evenings between 7-11) then that is congestion on Vodafone's network, and hopefully they will be working to improve it but that will take time (and money).

They only guaranty they make (made as they seem to have dropped reference to it lately) is to give you a reduction in your bill if they do not reach the minimum sync speed which I believe was 25Mbs for Superfast 1.

Hope this is able to put things into perspective and I really do feel your pain as I suffered Vodafone's "support" for 3 months till I eventually got my problems sorted.


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2: Seeker

Hi Jayach

Thanks for your observations regarding my issues with Vodafone.

Firstly, I have done countless numbers of speedchecks with as requested by customer services and informed them of the results. The average speed I have acheived is 19/20mbps but is regulaly only between 12 and 15mbps. Customer services then reply by saying they are showing speeds well in excess of what I've told them. I've taken photos of the results on my computer which confirm my speeds.

Secondly, regarding how far etc from fron the Openreach cabinet is concerned, I find it strange that my previous supplier (Post Office) had no problem  maintaining and well surpassing their published download speeds yet Vodaphone can't get anywhere near their own. I am rueing the day I left PO and will most certainly be leaving VF as soon as it is financially viable.



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