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Internet speed

How can you operate like this?

3: Seeker

I've been lied to about upgrading to gigafast, I've been given the runaround countless times when asking for technical help. I keep being sent generic responses about wifi settings and then when that doesn't make a difference (I'm using Ethernet) you have no idea what to do. 


My connection is LITERALLY UNUSABLE. And I mean that in the actual literal sense. I can just about load google to run a speed test that fails instantly. I called to cancel my contract last night because

A: I was lied to about Gigafast coming to my area. I was told multiple times "The work has been completed today, please call back tomorrow or in a week or so and we can upgrade you". I finally had someone verify that it wasn't available about a week ago. 

B: My speeds have been getting worse until it reached a new low point on March 6th and have been grinding to a halt since then. 

c: Your representatives are very polite and professional but your system is letting them down. I am sent round in circles, troubleshooting the same basic things every time I talk to someone. I am then forced to troubleshoot wifi settings which are completely meaningless to then be told I have too many devices connected or some such nonsense. The reality is that these tech guys can only follow their troubleshooting script and hope that it works or that they can appease the customer and keep them on this cycle of torture. I don't know if the intention is to stall until they either give up or enough time is bought for the actual underlying issue to be resolved. There is no problem with my hardware, my connection has been fine. You've clearly had a [Removed] up somewhere and it's affecting a large area. Now, I would totally understand if you told me that and said "we're very sorry, we've had X failure which is causing Y to happen" but instead you blame wifi settings? 

😧 The sync speed guarantee is just a scam, plain and simple. It is fraud. It does not represent the actual capability of the connection. 


I was told yesterday that I have to talk to the Tech team to confirm that my connection is not fit for purpose. I was passed on to them again and was handled by someone working from home with a connection that was constantly dropping out. I explained the situation and what did they do? They sent me a text message telling me to change my wifi settings and then another saying that I was mistaken and that my connection was in fact 53mbps. It's [Removed] amazing that you can tell that from an entirely different country. Come and sit at this desk and tell me that. I never understood why people would get so angry at companies, I'm actually a very patient person but my god your company has [Removed] me off. I'm genuinely sad that Vodafone has such polite and friendly staff, they deserve better.


So, who do I actually need to speak to in order to be able to move to a different ISP? I just want to cancel my contract (as you are very clearly in breach) and get on with my life. I've tried Twitter, calling, text chat but nothing works!

[MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove personal information please see Community Guidelines]

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2: Seeker

Wow they can moderate your post but can not reply positively to assure us they working on this issue.  I get the impression that this forum is ignored. 

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Oh no @speedslike99 I'm sorry to hear this. What did our Twitter team advise you?

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