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Internet speed

I may as well watch vhs

2: Seeker

Why is the quality of Netflix so poor? This is disgraceful. I'm synced at 80mbps on FTTC but Netflix seems to have taken a step back to the 1990's in terms of picture quality! And tonight I've had buffering 4 times in an hour of viewing

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3: Seeker

My netflix started doing the same just after 9pm on the 17th, buffering all the time and picture was shocking. I am on Gigafast 500, and single and multiple connections on at the time were in the low 400Mbps.


I even tried using a VPN to see if that would help, but just the same blocky picture.

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Hi guys 👋 Apologies for our delayed response. Is it just Netflix you're having a problem with, or are other streaming sites affected too? If not, this may not be connected to your broadband service. If you could also let us know how you're connecting, whether it's through a laptop, tablet, phone or TV app, if you're still experiencing an issue, is this a permanent thing or does it only happen at certain times?

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