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Internet speed

Incredibly slow fibre

2: Seeker


I've been with Vodafone Superfast 2, then Superfast 1, for around 10 months.

The router has been extremely unreliable the entire time, dropping 2.4GHz signal several times per day, making streaming films very difficult, as they pause and buffer 2-3 times per film. I use SSID split 2.4GHz + 5GHz, however the TV can only connect to the former.

Lately, however, the internet speeds have been abysmally slow, with sync speeds of as low as 0.6 Mbps, not going above 2.0 Mbps.

When I called customer support, around two days ago, the lady spooled off a scripted essay about how great Vodafone and their routers are, which is clearly debatable and quite unhelpful in my situation. She said she will send me a new router. When I asked her if this will be the exact same router and firmware that I already have, she was unable to answer clearly. I have connected my own 3rd party modem and router to see if the router was the problem. The internet speeds are still incredibly slow, at <2Mbps. Therefore, it seems that the router is not the problem, but the Vodafone service, or a fault on the internet line is.

Both routers lose internet connection completely, several times per day, flashing red lights, before re-connecting a minute later at the same superslow speed.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Do I really have to wait 3 working days to discover that the new Vodafone router will give me the exact same speeds?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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4: Newbie

Yes.....Standard technique to give them extra time only a small percentage of replaced routers actually solve slow speed problems. Unless its one with the new firmware they are allegedly rolling out to fix a fault where you get very slow speeds but the sync speed your connected to your local exchange is actually very high. Be prepared to wait a few days, weeks, months for missed calls, broken promises and given the generally run around.....

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12: Established

I'd say you had a line fault.  What sort of sync speeds did you have before switching to VF?


Have you verified the poor sync speeds remain with a different microfilter connected to the engineers test socket?  If so, then VF will need to request a BT engineer to come out, assuming the line sync speed is below the minimum they promised when you signed up.

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4: Newbie

Sounds line fault. Tech support will help. Bit of pain over the phone but you will get Open Reach tech 3 weeks later

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Moderator (Retired)

I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems @sandman1985. I hope the new router solves your problems.

Our Tech team will be able to assist you further if the new router doesn't fix your issue. They'll follow up after the delivery of the router and run some more tests.

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