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Internet speed

Internet speed dropped to 8mb around 17:50 until 8pm

2: Seeker

Hello all,

Just join VF on 26th Feb, I thought everything was ok until yesterday while working notice it took a while to download a small file from internet decided to speed  test and the download was 8mb the upload was not affected. Luck for me still on cooling period and I am not going to wait  for a month until the line stabilize.

In fact I have set a reminder to tun a speed test around this time everyday till the 7th if still persisting will leave 

My question is Will it be the same everyday?

Has anyone had this problem and was improved?

I know is nothing to with line or anything as the UL was not affected only the DL and when I had talktalk in the past never experienced that pretty much same internet  technology. 

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Thank you very much for providing us with these details @beibeking, there’s a few things you can try that might help. Before you start, please make sure you’re using a wired connection to run the speed test.
As you’ve mentioned in your earlier message, it can sometimes take a few days for the connection to stabilise. While you wait though, you can try a few of things:

  • Make sure the router is away from any reflective objects such as mirrors and glass tables
  • Make sure it is also away from any other electrical devices such the TV, as this may cause a disruption in the signal.

If you’ve done the above and seen no improvement. Please then proceed to remove the faceplate from your Master Socket and plug your micro-filter directly into to the test socket for us. Once you've done this, you'll then need to monitor the speeds on your side and take some further screenshots around the time you usually have the issues when your service drops again. This will allow us to narrow down our search and run more specific tests.

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9: Established
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2: Seeker

yes I have been checking most of this speed problems threads. thanks

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2: Seeker

Thanks for getting back to me.

I am familiar with all these checks as I had a ADSL connection in the past even before VF started to supply broadband services.

I just run away from Virgin due to the recent price increases.

what I think that is not right is to give 14 days cooling period when they say the line can take  nearly a month to settle by then you are in full contract. 

Seems that yesterday I did not have a big drop down but I am monitoring everyday as it is crucial to get it right during this cool off.

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16: Advanced member

I only just opened up the attachment on this, so I hadn't realised how slow your download speed is!  As your download speed is half that of the upload speed, this generally points to internal issues with phone wiring.


If you have phone extensions I'd be removing them at the master socket, and I'd also be using a different micro-filter plugged into the test socket.

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