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Internet speed

Is there a best time to reboot?

3: Seeker

Hello there,


I think I posted to the wrong thread on my first visit....

I have the Fibre Broadband Superfast 2 package, and I'm wondering if there is considered a "best time of day" to reboot your router? I switched to Vodafone in late March and whilst the service has been very stable, the sync speed keeps dropping below the guaranteed minimum (55mbps), despite Openreach saying the line is good for 70mbps.

The latest drop below the minimum guaranteed has lasted a week already, and I've noticed it never varies while you stay connected, only when you reboot the router. So unless I reboot, I don't see how I'll ever get a speed back above the supposed minimum.

I have also read across various sites that your ISP can interpret reboots as a fault, and therefore drop the speed of your line still further. Obviously I'm keen to avoid that. So I was wondering if anyone had advice on when best to reboot, without causing a further issue, in order to catch a better sync speed again?



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17: Community Champion

Hi @Lepus 


I'm a very much a plug and play type of Broadband user but my personal opinion is that unless absolutely necessary is to not reboot a router as this can affect user experience and the system then needs to settle down.

If a person is having to reboot regularly and not as part of self help troubleshooting then maybe the router or something else is glitching or faulty.


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16: Advanced member

Don't reboot if you don't need to.  but if you think it's a good idea the best way is to power down when you think you are going to be popping out for an hour, or just before you go to bed and then power back up either when you return or wake up.  If you can give it at least an hour between powering down and powering back up, then DLM shouldn't slow you down, but it may speed up the connection if that's viable!

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