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Internet speed

Making the most of Superfast2

3: Seeker



I have recently upgraded to superfast 2 (on Monday) and probably had overly high ambitions of speed improvements i may see based on the bt wholesale checker for my line. I have posted the stats from the checker and the router below, but i have a few questions that hopefully people can help me with

. Is DLM reset when you upgrade package and therefore is the line in a 10 day "training" period and could improve over that time?

. Would a third party modem / router improve my sync speed?

. Am i reaching around what i can expect from my line or could i hope for more?


Many thanks all



Router stats 

Line Quality

  Downstream Upstream
Current Rate45906 kbps10655 kbps
Maximum Rate46860 kbps10677 kbps
Signal-to-Noise Ratio6.1 dB6.4 dB
AttenuationDS1 16.6 dB, DS2 43.1 dB, DS3 65.4 dBUS0 7.8 dB, US1 35.5 dB, US2 53.2 dB
Power13.3 dBm7.2 dBm
CRC Errors in last 2165 minute(s)01054
K (number of bytes in DMT frame)00
R (number of bytes in RS code word)1016
S (RS code word size in DMT frame)0.15800.7097
D (interleaver depth)41
Delay0 ms0 ms
  Downstream Upstream
Super Frames017440621
Super Frame Errors025
RS Words3276883708732093593
RS Correctable Errors50615344
RS Uncorrectable Errors00
  Downstream Upstream
HEC Errors00
OCD Errors00
LCD Errors00
Total Cells28792229370
Data Cells2930006750
Bit Errors00
  Downstream Upstream
Total ES20852
Total SES200


BT Wholesale Line stats

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16: Advanced member

I don't believe DLM would be reset on upgrading. I think DLM on VDSL starts high and works down, unlike DLM on ADSL which starts low and works up.

Either way there is not much room for improvement on those figures.

Have you tried with it in the test socket?

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3: Seeker

Thanks for the response. I've not tried the test socket yet. I'll have a play this weekend when I have more time and post any changes. 

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