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Internet speed

Modem Max speed vs current speed

3: Seeker

I have two FTTC Vodafone broadband connections.  The newest connection, installed a month or so ago reports a connection speed of 40MB in the Vodafone app and is connected via the Vodafone router.


The original line is running off a tp-link modem/router in bridge mode and passes off to a separate wifi router.


The tp-link dashboard status is attached.  It shows a Max speed of 40Mb vs a current speed of 29Mb.


Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how the difference between the two could be resolved?  If the new line can achieve 40Mb, why can't the old one; they come from the same cabinet and over the same poles.


I've tried raising with Vodafone support but they get confused with router throughput and network contention and always direct me back to the router to "optimise" things.  Which is completely pointless: I can't achieve a higher speed on the router than the modem is connect at!


Could this be a physical line issue and is it worth pushing for some engineering or OpenReach investigations?


Thanks for any pointers.


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16: Advanced member

There are a number of issues that can be at play, one of which is the deterioration of the older line.  But the modem hardware and how it's set up can also play a role.  So as an example I have my Draytek Vigor 130 set up with a 3db SNR and I get 49Mbs/9Mbs, if I change that to 4.5db I get 46.5Mbs/11Mbs and at 6db I get 44Mbs/13.5Mbs (higher download speeds mean lower upload speeds on xDSL).  You also have to consider other possible sources of interference, and even running a modem/router away from the master socket using extension cabling can really kill speeds!

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4: Newbie

Bridging own router through VF use to help me. 

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