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Internet speed

My Wifi download speeds sometimes much faster than less than promised sync speed.

2: Seeker

Hi, I am currently getting a sync speed of 18mbps which has dropped from 22mbps when I fiest joined. I was getting 26 with Sky prior to changing to Vodafone. There has been work done on the underground line a couple of months ago which was supposed to increase my sync speed. However, when carruing out speed checks on my WiFi connection I am often seeing speeds in excess of 40mbps which slowly drop back to 18mbps. I think that my line may be being slowed down to 18mbps otherwise I would be able to get at least some improvement. Any thoughts?

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15: Advanced member

My first thought would be where are you actually getting these figures from!


Your Internet (or WAN) sync rate is the sync rate between your modem/router and the OpenReach cabinet it is connected to! Example my current sync rate is 49Mbps.

Your Internet (or WAN) maximum download rate is the maximum speed at which you can move data from the OpenReach cabinet to your modem/router.  The chances of this rate being faster than the sync rate is almost (but not quite) zero!  Example, because of overheads, my maximum download rate is around 48Mbps over gigabit ethernet cable.

I then have my WiFi sync rate, which is the bit/symbol rate between the router (not the VF one) and my laptop.  Example, this sync rate is 866.7Mbps.

Unfortunatly though, the data rate (tested locally, not internet) tops out at around 300Mbps due to a couple of bottlenecks, most notably the fact that my laptop has apauling 802.11n WiFi, and so we use a couple of *USB2* 802.11AC wave2 WiFi adapters.  *again testing locally having several of these running simultaneously the for speed purposes, the bottleneck become the gigabit ethernet of the test server and not the WiFi.


When you add this all together and add in a few IOT devices, it drops the 48Mbps internet download rate that I can get over ethernet cable to around 46.5 Mbps over WiFi (absolute maximum).


So!  Where are you getting the 18Mbps, 22Mbps, and 40Mbps figures that you are quoting, as you are not (normally at least) ever going to be getting a 40Mbps download rate over a connection with an 18Mbps sync rate.  That would require you to be routing your connection through some kind of miracle compression server, and for you to have a hardware decompressor at your end.


The other things that we would probably need to know are:  How far away from the OpenReach cabinet are you, and what speeds are you contracted for in your joining letter!

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