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Internet speed

New Customer Bad Speeds

2: Seeker

Ok so on the 18th May i was connected up and my speeds were more than expected so i was happy its worked ok for the last two weeks surprisingly then over the last 4 nights the internets dropped off completely, speeds drop to 1.5mb download 0.08 upload then at around 11:30pm the speeds go back up i used to be a Vodafone customer a few years ago and it was never that bad. Signed up to the Pro package for £43 a month and my speeds and terrible what ever i watch buffers, internet goes off, web pages take forever to load you phone 191 to be told problem lies with myself as the sync speed to the router is showing 68.8mb either the sync speed has not updated on your end or there is an issue with your routers. 


my cousin lives about 3 miles away and is having the exact same issues at the exact same time he is also a super fast 2 customer


here are a few screenshots







speedtest carried out on a gigabit lan card using a cat 7 cable

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16: Advanced member

To be fair on Vodafone the speed doesn't seem bad,  but customer service is something else. Are you sure no one else is download on another device or your laptop etc is not downloading windows updates etc? . 

I know there have been a few outtakes across the internet this week making the net run slow . 

i would turn wifi off when you run a speed test on lan 

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16: Advanced member

Oh dear, your pictures have not been moderated yet, but what you describe was pretty endemic a while ago, but lately those post seem to have stopped.

It seemed that Vodafone simply couldn't supply the necessary bandwidth at peak time, and I was affected myself.

Lately things seem to have improved, but it seems possibly you have a similar issue.

My only suggestion is to raise a complaint, but I have no idea if it will do any good.

Complaints Code of Practice | Vodafone

Please do keep us apprised of how it goes.


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