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Internet speed

New SF2 Faster Than Expected !!

2: Seeker

I’d like to show some appreciation as I’ve just  moved to Vodafone from Sky

I got a speed estimate of 35.5mbps - 54.3mbps with an OpenReach minimum of 32.4mbps. We are 700m from the FTTC Roadside Cabinet and at the edge of a rural village


Over the last & first week the speed fluctuated quite a lot between 27mbps & 41mbps. We’ve had 3 OpenReach Visits , but then the last few days  it's quite consistently been around 50.6mbps.


With Sky we had a sync speed at 29mbps but that’s only in the last 6 months prior to this we had 17-20 mbps

Upon looking at a new providers EE, SKY, Plusnet & would only offer packages up to 39mbps  with only Vodafone offering above 40mbs as an estimate 


I believe  OpenReach/Vodafone reserve the speed increase for new customers! If I’m unsure If the min guaranteed speed is improved by OpenReach during the length the next 18 months contract, that increase should be passed onto the customer?


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