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Internet speed

Not getting minimum line sync speeds

1: Seeker

So.. this is my 2nd term with Vodafone as I switched to them as they offered me a deal 50% cheaper than what I was on with BT. Straight away after the switch my speed was poor mainly around peak times and I was told that the line had to settle. Despite numerous calls/troubleshooting/engineer visits it was deemed that Vodafone had over sold their allocation in the exchange and was awaiting card upgrades but I was given another discount to remain. Due to how little I was paying I learned to live around it. Now in my second term and all seemed to be ok however, last 2-3 months bang!! Back to square 1 again speeds are poor. Was insulted again to go through all the trouble shooting steps to date wasting 4 hours of my own time to be told the issue was outside from the cabinet to the exchange. BT openreach came out the first time and whatever they had did fixed the line for 3 days I was getting exactly the speeds guarenteed but as I said this only lasted 3 days. From this I called up again and was told the fault was still on the line and another engineer would need to be sent out... this apparently has happened and I cannot be told what the repair was but my speeds are still not what was guarenteed. Now been escalated to third level - VODAFONE why do you not just admit you have oversold in my area!!!!!! I have formally raised a written complaint and think it is disgusting as a customer to be treated this way.

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I'm sorry to hear we've not been able to resolve your issue @b5nrd1. Pop us a private message with your full name and account number via Facebook at Vodafone UK, or on Twitter using the handle @VodafoneUK. We'll be able to check the notes on your account and look into resolving your issue.

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