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Internet speed

Paying for 900Mbps, cannot exceed ~20Mbps download in the evenings - what gives?

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I am paying for 900Mbps Gigafast Broadband.


I get 15Mbps - 25Mbps download speeds in the evenings. This has been consistent for 10 days straight.


What's the solution Vodafone?


Screenshot 2020-10-28 at 17.37.54.png


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Hey @gerhardlazu, I can see in your other post that you've advised your issue's now been resolved. If you're still experiencing lower than expected speeds, pop us a message through either of our social channels and we'll be happy to take a closer look into this for you.

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Network latency is now as expected, as my other post states.


Network throughput is not. See screenshot attached which captures speed tests every 12 hours, from August to October (inclusive).


A summary of my evening internet experience:

  • somewhat acceptable for the first 10 days in August, with evening download speeds of 370Mbps - 820Mbps
  • progressively worse for the rest of the August, anywhere between 100Mbps - 700Mbps
  • consistently bad every September evening with 40Mbps - 200Mbps
  • somewhat OK mid October, 200Mbps - 600Mbps
  • terrible for the last 2 weeks, with 24Mbps - 84Mbps

I will reach out via Twitter, thank you for the pointer.

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Cheers for reaching out to our Twitter Team regarding your internet speeds! Let us know how you get on 😀

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5 Twitter exchanges later, this is the current state:


We don't have a dedicated Gigafast team over social media, so some of the more advanced information will need to be provided by them, and you can contact them via phone ( 08080 034 515 ). That being said, there are still some tests which I can run on my end for you, as it may need to be escalated to the tech team.

Considering that this conversation started with me sharing regular speedtests spanning 13 days that clearly demonstrate the problem, I'm starting to feel like going in circles.


I am running a 10Gbit network behind the Vodafone router which I have set up, so I am 100% confident in what sits behind the Vodafone router. With upload speeds consistently exceeding 900Mbps, as captured in my screenshots, I cannot help feeling that I am entering the diminishing returns area with the Twitter conversation. Meanwhile:


  • 31 Oct, 8am: 820Mbps download, 961Mbps upload & 9ms latency
  • 31 Oct, 8pm: 225Mbps download, 931Mbps upload & 10ms latency
  • 1 Nov, 8am: 835Mbps download, 924Mbps upload & 9ms latency
  • 1 Nov, 8pm: 21Mbps download, 907Mbps upload & 9ms latency
  • 2 Nov, 8am: 847Mbps download, 871Mbps upload & 8ms latency
  • 2 Nov, 8pm: 460Mbps download, 898Mbps upload & 17ms latency

And just now, 2 Nov, 9:41pm: 630Mbps download, 948Mbps upload & 16ms latency (see attached screenshot).


While upload speed has improved - this evening it's been the best in 20 days - the latency is 2x higher than usual. I favour latency over throughput, and would be ok with up to 5x lower download throughput (~200Mbps) at peak time if latency can remain within the 10ms area. If anyone from Vodafone is able to make this happen, I would be one super happy customer. Right now, I have evening video conferences with poor video & audio quality, and web pages that load slowly, which sounds ridiculous for a 900Mbps FTTP connection & 10Gbit internal network with 99p sub 1ms latency.


Thank you!

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Have you tried tunnelling?  Without I get 4Mbps on the usual ports.  With "obfuscation", I am at 40Mbps.  (which is my sync speed)


I am getting to the realisation that Vodafone (with or without intent)  actually shape traffic and their "unlimited" packages are in fact throttled.

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@gerhardlazu I understand how important it is to have a stable connection, especially now, so I can assure you that we do want to get you up and running to the speeds you should be getting.

Unfortunately, we don't have access to Gigafast systems as these are only available to our Gigafast dedicated team on the number provided on Twitter. I appreciate this isn't ideal at all after trying to contact us many times but this is the team that will be able to best advise you on best next steps for your Gigafast speeds.

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I was looking at your screenie and realised that your DL fluctuations, show the exact same pattern as mine.


But here is why this is strange:

1. I pay for a ADSL2 package (Superfast2) i think it is called, so totally different product and infrastructure

2.  My throughput drops to 4Mbps from 7pm till 10pm

3.  the only thing in common, is that we go through VF's core backbone I guess


And yet our experience of VF's product, is pretty similar

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