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Internet speed

Poor connectivity speeds & lack of technical support

2: Seeker

So I've tried technical support and your tech 2 team which have so far caused nothing but a headache...

I've reset my router countless times as per instructions with obviously no success and do not seem to be getting anywhere when trying to discuss at a "technical" level.


So here goes...

I recently upgraded to Vodafone Superfast 2 from Sky's Fiber Max (like for like). I used to get speeds of 60MB+ with zero dropouts and since changing provider I now struggle to exceed 50-52MB with dropouts around once a week.

I upgraded to Superfast 2 expecting to get similar if not identical speeds, speaking to your technical team has proven a headache as they refuse to accept any fault on the line and that our "52MB" is acceptable and that an engineer will not be sent to look at the line. Your site also clearly states a guarentee of 55MB which only adds to the frustration.


The excuses I've been given for why my speeds are not higher is that I've got too many devices using the internet or my 5ghz signal isn't strong enough. I do not use wireless and use the router is purely set up as a modem to my hardware firewall and the rest of the network which I monitor and I can be sure that that no bottleneck is happening which would be impacting on performance.


I've attached the router statistics in the hope that I can get a technical eye to look over it.


Bit rate
                                   Downstream                   Upstream
Actual data rate      52619 (Kbps.)                    19999 (Kbps.)


Operating data

                                    Downstream                   Upstream
SNR Margin                     6.9 dB                            14.4 dB
Loop Attenuation          16.8 dB                           22.4 dB


Error counter
                                 Downstream                     Upstream
FEC Corrections               3235                        705918808
CRC Error                           18                                    0


Any real support would be much appreciated...

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4: Newbie

It’s bad, isn’t it.


I asked a supervisor is Open Reach had been involved- she was, argumentative and would not answer the question.


This must be very damaging for Voda as brand

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2: Seeker

honestly I wouldn't usually care especially if I was connecting up at the speed I'm paying for... It's the principle..

Sold a product with the guarentee of a set speed as minimum, I'm not getting those speeds and I can guarentee that I won't get my 15% off until it's fixed.


Also tried to get hold of my contract from them to cross check it for proof of the guarentee but it turns out it's not within my Important Documents on my account and the only way to get it is to fill out a GDPR request form...


I did manage to improve speeds slightly by using my old microfilter instead of the vodafone one but only a marginal amount.


You'd think a company like Vodafone would invest more in a dedicated team to handle technical support instead of outsourcing to India or whereever else works out cheapest.

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@jgzowski Nobody wants to be without a reliable connection when it comes to broadband, I know just how important it is to have reliable speeds. So a member of our team can get this looked into and complete some troubleshooting steps with you, please contact our team via Facebook at Vodafone UK, or get in touch on Twitter using the handle @VodafoneUK. Don't forget to include the link to this thread, along with your username.

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