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Internet speed

Poor line speed

2: Seeker

Second attempt to post this as connection dropped again !!


I live in a semi rural area and my guaranteed SuperFast 1 speed is 25M but the line only barely supports 20M and often drops out or syncs at 10M.

VF have had OR work on the line but I doubt it'll ever manage to sustain the guaranteed minimum  - I'm tired of contacting VF about this and trying to claim the 15% discount - in fact I'd willingly pay more for a connection which is reliable !



1.  As VF can't supply the speed promised, can I switch provider without penalty ?

2. Does VF offer a service with 4G fall back like BT assure ?


Regards Tim

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14: Advanced member

answer 1 is yes but it won't happen overnight I think the rules are you have to get notices to give Vodafone a chance to fix the issue which I think is 4 weeks. you will need to contact the complaint department 

answer 2, think if you have a Vodafone contract then they can add extra data to your phone to run as a hotspot, not sure if they will do it for slow speed.

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2: Seeker

Just spent 30 minutes chatting with VF about this problem and they have OR working on it (I knew that already due to the speed jump), in the meantime they've given me an extra 50G of data on my phone - but the extra data is of little use to us for our wired smart TV's  plus having to run a wifi hotspot and keep the phone powered and reconnect the TV's to it is more than tedious - plus an extra 50GB wouldn't go far with netflix !


The early termination fee is £67 but I've given VF notice that if it's not fixed by the end of next week I will be terminating for their breech of contract - as basically all I want is the service level I'm paying for !

Not a happy customer......



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Moderator (Retired)

@timdf911 - The Ultimate Speed Guarantee is in place to ensure that if your line doesn't meet the required minimum of 25Mbps in your case, then you'll get the 15% discount.


We'll aim to do what we can by running diagnostics on your line, sending out engineers if necessary. If we're unable to get the speed above the 25Mbps, you'll keep the 15% discount for the remainder of your contract. 


If you decide to leave early by signing up with another supplier there will be an early termination fee.

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2: Seeker

Thanks for the explanation re discount and early termination fee.

However my problem is not just speed, it is the continual drop outs which have been on going more or less from the start of the service. which I never had with Sky.

If the drop outs can't be fixed and the speed remains low then I think VF would be in breech of the service level agreement and thus I should be able to leave without penalty.

Either VF fixes both of these issues or I'm leaving.

The above insn't meant to sound harsh or aggressive, just a statement of my situation and frustration.


Regards Tim

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