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Internet speed

Problem with Vodafone sync speeds after renewal

2: Seeker

Hi there,

Just a quick question. I recently renewed my contract with Vodafone after 18 months of great service, no outages, and good speed.

After negotiating a new price I was hooked up again (for some reason Vodafone had to make a new connection), I've unfortunately had a few outages, and now very bad sync speeds. Before I was able to sync and receive speeds of nearly 80 down and 20 up. 

Now on the new connection I seem to be only syncing at around 67 Mbps down and 8 Mbps up. This is with the Vodafone router and also with the new Draytek I bought (for QoS, better stats/monitoring).

From the Draytek stats, I should be able to get better connection speeds, no? I've changed nothing with my connection and although I was sent a new modem from Vodafone, I didn't even change the old one out.

Line Statistics

Downstream Upstream 
Actual Rate 66997 Kbps 8495 Kbps
Attainable Rate 73870 Kbps 27468 Kbps
Path Mode Fast Fast
Interleave Depth 1 1
Actual PSD 1. 9 dB 12. 6 dB

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16: Advanced member

There is no reason that you should have had to have a new connection - it sounds more like a salesperson trying to boost their "new connections" count.


The only possible reason for the speed drop would be that with a new connection, cabinet settings have been reset and the line could be back in training mode.  Now, this could be a little problematic as the Draytek modem may just keep the sync speed and not reboot DSL connection!  So if you've been on this "new connection" for more than 10 days, you might want to turn off the Draytek, and leave it turned off for just over an hour before turning it back on.  This may help, but it's kind of grasping at straws!

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