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Internet speed

Restart "Training" Period?

2: Seeker



I recently had broadband installed and since then, 7 days ago, it has been dropping in speed during calibration. 


I have since investigated internal cabling and found several slaves to be running off the master. I have now renwired and removed them. I now have only one direct connection from the outside delivery to the master socket and nothing else in the house. However the line is still below minimum speed guarantee and frequently dropping out. 


Is is there a way to “reset” the line so it’s starts high and re calibrates to best speed?



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16: Advanced member

It genuinely can take upto 10 days for the router to create the best connection that it can with the local cabinet - too many disconnects and reboots will extend that time.  So you'll be lucky to get this looked at untill the line has had 10 days of little to no reboots or disconnects.  If after that time it's not right then you should be able to get it escalated - probably meaning a visit from an OpenReach engineer.


Just don't even try talking to the level one techs about DLM resets or caution counter, because they won't even have a clue what your are talking about.

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2: Seeker



Point of note.


Line has been up 2.5 hours now at 21mb. (expected 40mb min)


276,754,689 Upstream FEC Corrections so far.


Any one any thoughts on that?

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2: Seeker


Speeds now down to 0.50Mbps. 

Support less than helpful, took me through all ususal steps which I have already done then hung up on me.  Something is a miss with this line, please can I have an Openreach engineer? I will even pay! I just need broadband to earn a living.


Is there anybody there Vodafone? Please can you assist? 


Seems my only option is to move service 5 days after joining.

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Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

@Dufflecoat Hi there, we'd be more than happy to look in to this for you. I've sent you a private message on how to get in contact regarding this issue. Joe

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2: Seeker

Just popping back to note resolution for others.


After an escalation through web chat to Second Line the issue was passed to Openreach. It would seem they remotely reset the "training" period (not the technical term I am sure).


Line is now running at 32mb down, 7mb up. (for the moment)

Advice to others. 

  • Ensure you are connected to Master Socket
  • Ensure all slaves are disconnected
  • Ensure external BT line is as "clean" as possible to Master Socket. I removed a couple of junction boxes and replaced connections with Jellies teminmating in a new V4 Master Socket. This improved line qulaity a lot.


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13: Advanced Member

DLM for VDSL is constantly monitoring the line and reacts overnight.


If all faults are now rectified, then it should return to expected speeds - but it might take a while.


Had a read of the following (borrowed from Plusnet, but still valid):


I’ve had a fault and my speeds haven’t returned to normal, why?
If you’ve had a fault that’s affected the speed of your service, this is something we can look into for you. Unfortunately we are not able to do remote resets on FTTC circuits at present, so this isn’t something that can be requested nor can we send engineers out solely to complete a DLM Reset.
If you’ve had a fault with your own equipment and/or internal wiring, you will need to allow DLM to pick your speed back up. The quickest way you can do this, is by ensuring that your modem is left connected at all times. In time, DLM will put you back onto the relevant profile, it may take some time, so please be patient.
If you’ve had a fault with the service and an engineer has visited and made changes to the BT Network in order to resolve the issue, the engineer will perform a DLM Reset. If no changes have been made, a DLM Reset will not be submitted. A DLM reset takes around 5 minutes to complete and completely resets your line; you will be placed back onto an open profile.
We are working very closely with our suppliers for tools to be made available for us to do further remote diagnostics and changes to your line. We fully appreciate that waiting for your speeds to increase can take quite a lot of time and is frustrating!
 Why does it take so long for DLM to increase my speeds?
DLM uses a system called ‘Caution Counters’, this dictates, based on the quality and performance of your line what band/profile your line should be on as well as how long it will take before your line needs to be stable (Green quality) before increasing the speeds.

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