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Internet speed

Router is synced but no internet connection

2: Seeker

My router is synced at 71Mb/s and on the Diagnostic utility it says

WAN: succeeded  

WAN mode: VDSL

Link status: UP

Data connection: Disconnected


Any help on how to get back online.


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4: Newbie

hello! I would call into their care teams and get a fault raised over to their tech teams. There have been a few issues over the last few months with sync no session faults whihc might be resolved by their tech teams rather than getting an engineer out.

have you checked your router event logs? Do these show a PADO coming back to your router?


as i say, get a fault raised ASAP so they can take a look for you

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14: Advanced member

try a factory reset

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4: Newbie

Check if router has WAN IP. External IP. VF had not enough IP's. You will get yours when someone switch their router off

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