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Internet speed

Router options for Fibre 2

3: Seeker



Set up my Fibre 2 yesterday and like everyone else, I’m not getting the speeds I was told I could expect to receive (between 60-75mbps - guaranteed minimum of 55mbps. Getting maximum of 38mbps). The speed tests were ran by connecting an Ethernet net from router to my MacBook Pro with no other devices connected.


I’m very disappointed because I was having a poor experience with Sky and after reading all the Vodafone guff, I thought this was going to be a vast improvement. I spoke to one of the Tech guys last night and he got me to do a hard reset on the router and told me it could take a bit of time for the new fibre to ‘settle’.


As I only set it up yesterday, I’m willing to give it a chance and see if what he says is actually fact, however based on what I’ve read on here, I don’t hold out much hope. I’m wondering if anyone is able to answer the following questions for me please:


• is there a good third party router that anyone can recommend to me please that will improve the speed of the Fibre broadband (I’ve seen already an Asus or Archer VR600 that might fit the bill)

• is there a cooling off period which will allow me to cancel without being charged if I remain unhappy with the service I’m receiving?


Thank you in advance for your help with my predicament 



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14: Advanced member

30 days to leave, check your paper work for the date 

and any router apart from the vodafone one

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4: Newbie

Terminate contract now. Don't get trapped.


35 Mbps is good for Voodoo fone. 

After month it usually drops to 3 to 6 Mbps.


Then you will get a ride with " with will fixing it right now"... And after 30 days you will be ignored.


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6: Helper

I agree with the comments above.


If you value your sanity leave while you still can or unless you only need it for basic web surfing or checking email.


If you have a quick read of the numerous topics in the forum at the moment all relating to Poor Speeds , Throttling, Netflix and so on. Many unhappy people at the moment.


Vodafone have admitted there is issue's, but not much more forthcoming news on when these issues will actually be resolved. Apart from the "we are working on the issue please be patient". Some have reported similar issues since 2018.


 Onto your question of a third party router


I have used an Archer vr600 with my old broadband provider and it was rock solid. Very good wifi coverage in my small abode as well. Any router would be an upgrade to the supplied vodafone router. If you contact vodafone support they should be able to give you your login details.


I wouldn't want you to expect replacing the router will improve your speeds with vodafone as it probably won't.


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10: Established

Sadly vodafone is the worst provider there is at the moment these are the main issues


  • Using there dns servers some websites will fail to load - being one of them
  • They route traffic really weirdly, a lot of its routed via asia
  • they throttle iptv  / twitch / netflix so forget about watching anything in HD
  • there customer support team is based in india that can speak very little english and most have never used a computer before so everything is read from scripts.
  • They will lie to you multiple times and blame user end when it's a fault at vodafone
  • moderators on here don't actually answer questions, they just copy and paste the script we will privatly msg you thats either a broken link or a dead end.

My best advice stop what your doing right now while your in the 30 days and leave for another provider, you can thank us all later. 

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12: Established

Leave while you have a chance.  Changing routers won't fix VFs damanged infrastructure.

BT may well be a good bet, they have some good offers on until 21st - Free Amzon Echo and £80 gift voucher.

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3: Seeker



it seems the verdict is pretty damning as far as their reputation as an internet provider is concerned.


i thank you very much for your honest reviews of Vodafone. Despite only going live yesterday, I’m going to contact them now and cancel. 


Thanks again everyone. Your comments are very much appreciated 

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12: Established

We should say they claim they are fixing it..... but we also heard such things said over a year ago too.

I've been given a free pass to leave, but I'm hanging on just to see if it is fixed (before they broke in December last year) it worked quite well..... however it taken them 3 months to even accept there might be a problem.  My contract runs to September, so if it isn't fixed then I'll be off as well.  Look out for the posts from Phil - as he the one giving us hope.  I'd not risk it though - you've got 30 days before you end up trapped....


Replacement quite wise, I use a Vigor 130 modem connected to a Vigor 2925.  Used the same combo on Sky as well, works well really, and I can plug in a 4g USB dongle and a secondary VDSL line too.  Not cheap, but lots of nice flashing lights :-)  

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3: Seeker

I’ve actually already taken the decision to leave. I contacted them about an hour ago and they made it happen. Neither of the people I spoke with attempted to change my mind or fix the problem I was having with the poor speed.


Says a lot for their customer service and the their product.


I’ve signed up to BT and got myself a minimum of 50mbps for 35 a month. Get a free amazon echo and £80 prepaid card as well.


Sky actually offered to match the price I was offered by Vodafone, just so I’d stay with them on their fibre max, however I declined and instead made the mistake of  leaving and signing up with this lot!


PS: as I speak, I’m trying to watch the Liverpool Bayern match and it’s buffering to hell, despite this being a Ethernet connection. 


A truly shocking product they are offering here. I feel very very for anyone who is stuck with this junk!

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12: Established

A few years ago I was going to leave Sky for VF, and the VF sales staff lied so much to me (I wanted to use my own equiopment as the VF router is gash... at that point they wouldn't give out logon details for 3rd party equipment - sales staff said yes, tech staff said f*** off, retentions team said yes), I decided to go back to Sky.  Sky bent over backwards to bring me back on board as a customer and even matched the package.

18 months on that pricing expired, and I figured that VF has been fannying about with network long enough for it to be reasonable.... whoops!


Well speedy tonight


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