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Internet speed

Router sync speed reduced

2: Seeker

Hi all! 


In the past couple days (after being with Vodafone for 13 months now), my router started syncing in lower speeds than expected.


  • Up to 2 days ago Down was 79.9 and Up 19.9. 
  • 2 days ago this was Down: 69.9 and up 18.9
  • Today this is Down: 66.8 and up: 17.9

I am checking the SNR Margins and Loop attenuations and those have not changed. I am attaching a pic to your reference. I have tried all the usual (off/on, different cables, factory defaults). Has anyone experienced anything similar and how did you go about it? I have not had great interactions with the Customer Service and I am reluctant to phone in. 


Thank you! :Smiling:


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@mynameisyannis Looking at the speeds you've stated, this would typically be higher speeds than the minimum speeds guaranteed in your contract. Our Superfast 2 Broadband guarantees a minimum speed of 49.6Mbps, if your Wi-Fi continues to drop lower than the guaranteed speed please get in touch via Facebook at Vodafone UK, or contact us on Twitter using the handle @VodafoneUK. We'll then need to look into the current traffic in your area and anything that could be causing the decline. 

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