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Internet speed

Severe throttling on broadband

4: Newbie



I have been with Vodafone for only a month and the speed keep getting throttled at peak times. I am on the superfast 2 @73Mbs and have just done a speed test which has given ping: 33 Down: 5.56 and Up: 17.47. This has been happening regularly at peak times for the past week and I cant stream anything from Netflix. Contacted them twice by chat and have bee given the usual scripted runaround about changing filter, turning off wifi and resetting the router which has not helped a bit. I have been told that they have tested the sync speed and its at maximum and their must be a fault in my property. They will not accept that this is also happening to others on the street that have Vodafone so is not just me. I recieved a phone call stating that the speed is now what it should be and it was my wifi causing the problem even though I told them I am ethernet only. It cant be a fault on the line as if it was it would also affect the upload speed and that is fine. They will not accept that the sync speed is ony a guide as to what the line can take and that it is sureley being throttled as it starts at aroung 5M, continues till arount 11:30PM an goes back to normal just after 12. The ping test via their router diagnostics is also @ 54ms


This is not acceptable and I am thinking of cancelling my contract in the next few days and getting in touch with the Ombudman and Ofcom. Luckily I have an account with speedtest so all my results can be saved and exported to a file to prove my case.


Is anyone else having problems in the Sheffield area or any area that show throttling or this behavior?


Sorry rant over from a very unhappy vodafone user.......





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16: Advanced member

This may not be the cause, but some internet protocols use the time stamp that is attached to the data packets you send.  When the time and date is too far out (roughly 15 minutes from memory) you can start to see routing problems and lost packets!

So before you try anything else, try setting the clock on your PC to the correct time/date and see if that helps at all.


FYI, the reason many people used to change their time settings was so that their messages were top of the list on bulletin boards, but most BBs now use their own timestamp and not their users!


Sure there is a good chance that this will not fix your problem, but it seems to be a common thread that it can help in some situations!

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4: Newbie

Only just realised, I have 2 days left in my 30 day cancellation guarantee so I will be cancelling tomorrow now without any penalties.! hehe.



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4: Newbie

Thanks for the reply Keith but the clocks on a pc are syncronised to internet time like the clocks on a mobile phone are so are usually very accurate.

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@sneakysnake It's really disappointing to hear you're experiencing slow broadband speeds at peak times. There could be a couple of reasons why this is happening - from your bandwidth to cable link faults. We'll need to take a closer look into your services to be able to determine what exactly may be causing this, as we'd really hate to see you go! 
Due to the nature of your query, please get in touch with us on our Social Media channels. Please contact us via Facebook Direct Message at Vodafone UK, or via Twitter Direct Message using the handle @VodafoneUK
Our team will then be able to help you further. 

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4: Newbie

Too late as I have now cancelled it. When phoning I was originally told that I was out of the 30 days returns until I pointed out the email I recieved with the activation date on. The service from Vodafone is appaulingly very poor and almost non existant, no one ever calls back and the scripted chat bods dont listen and give the normal scripted runaround. As pointed out to them? this is not just me that is having problems as many on here are also complaining about the same thing. As said if the upload speeds are not affected then it cant be a line fault especially as this is also happening to others, and may I add several neighbours as well. The profiling I have done of the times when this is happening also suggests that throttling is being used between 5PM and 11PM with the 7:30PM to 10:30PM being the slowest with only 3-5Mbs on a 73Mbs connection.


I know several others who are also demanding that their Broadband contract be terminated without penalty and I am sure many on here will be demanding the same.


But I suppose someone has to pay for the expensive 5G rollout!

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4: Newbie

I am now with Plusnet but downgraded to a 36Mb connection instead of 76Mb on Vodafone.


I have done some speed tests over the past few days and the difference is remarkable. The download speed has changed little from the guaranteed 36Mb and seems to be around 35.5 - 35.7Mb at all times of the day. I can compare that now with one of my neighbours who is on Vodafone and supplied from the same cabinet and is only getting 1.98Mb on a 76Mb connection, tested just now @ 19:30 this evening.


So, no line or cabinet faults can be causing the present vodafone problems. Had to laugh as when the neighbour complained to Vodafone he was told that he had 23 devices connected to the router wifi which was slowing the internet down. Those devices are smart wifi lightbulbs controlled by the Alexa box and dont use the internet to communicate. 


Have a look and see just when I went over to Plusnet!

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