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Internet speed

Slow Gigafast 900 - Can I downgrade?

2: Seeker



Had nothing but issues with my Gigafast 900 connection since I got it.  Never getting anywhere near the dwonload speeds promised.  Had multiple tickets raised, engineers out on site who couldnt explain the issue. 


Eventually got told from Vodafone support its my PC's fault as my hardware can't handle 900 download speeds (yet miraculosuly can handle 900 upload speeds).


I have been out the country for a few months, and came back hoping it would be fixed.  But nope.  So I am now at the point of giving up ever getting 900.  But can I downgrade to a lower speed service (say the 500) which would be closer to what I am getting and would at least be paying the correct amount?





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Hey @GaryEa - I can see why tech may have advised that, as there's a thread here that sounds very similar to what you're experiencing. Perfect upload speeds, but slower downloads. Check it out and see if that helps shed a little light on what might be happening. 

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