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Internet speed

Slow Single Thread Downloads

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Evening all,


I've been lurking for a while whilst Vodafone fixed the issue with their networks, hoping that it would fix for me, but it would appear that my Single Threaded Downloads are still slow. They're not as bad as some have had, but they're not great.

I pay for the 80/20 and I'm around 50m from my cabinet so sync speeds have always been pretty much that. I'm not running the Vodafone router so cannot currently access sync speed stats (I'm using a Openreach modem, hooked up to a Ubiquiti USG along with their Unifi Switch & AP Lite & Pro).


I've been running speed tests on an adhoc basis for a month or 2, but always on WiFi. I have near perfect wifi signal in the house (Thanks Unifi!) but I know Vodafone won't consider anything unless it is via a wired connection so tonight I ran some speed tests and my results are below..


Fast.com33/14 Multi71/17Vodafone, London Single13/16Vodafone, London
ThinkBroadband Multi73/16 
ThinkBroadband Single16/16 


So, what can I do? Level 1 support won't do anything because of my setup and I'd rather not hook my Vodafone modem/router back up.


Many thanks,



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Hey @benryder, thanks for getting in touch. To run any diagnostics, you'll need to be connected to our supplied Vodafone router.

If you'd like one of our team to take a closer look into this for you, I've sent you a private message over with details on how to get in touch.

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