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Internet speed

Slow Speeds

3: Seeker

So I've been with Vodafone Fibre 2 since 11th July 2019 and was supplied originally with the older router (with the red strip light) and for about a month was quite satisfied. Other than being told (no less than 3 times by different Vodafone staff) I'd be eligible for an Amazon Echo Plus as part of my sign up deal which I was then later told I'd been misinformed!

Anyhow I digress...
After about a month I noticed that my Xbox live connection wasn't stable (dropping to download speeds of 1-2 mbps where my minimum line guarantee is over 45mbps). So after dealing with both online chat and telephone help I went through all of the different tests and was told I'd be upgraded to a new design router (the rectangular one with the status dots at the bottom).
After receiving the new router the speeds started off alright, but after no time at all (talking between 5 and 10 minutes) my speed nosedive off of a cliff again.  I tried to sort this problem out over the past weekend but unfortunately the problem remains.
I called Vodafone help support this morning and was asked to remove the face plate from my master socket and plug directly in, which I did. I turned the wifi off and just had my laptop wired in and for the end of the phone call all seemed ok (speeds hitting 40mbps down and 8mbps up). Within 5 minutes of putting the phone down absolute rock bottom speeds again absolutely abysmal (talking 1 or 2mbps download and about the same upload).
So back onto support helpline who got me to perform a speed test (3mbps down and 1 up) and he agreed something was wrong as my sync speed on his end is about 45.
So the latest is I am being sent out ANOTHER router as he said it's DEFINITELY the replacement router that's now at fault.
I keep performing speed tests (both wired and over wifi) and the speeds being reached are nowhere near my minimum guaranteed speed.
I was with Plusnet for 3 years previously with absolutely none of this hassle, and sky before that. I am seriously getting to the end of my tether with it all and feeling so stressed out that it's not even funny.
My question is does anyone have any thoughts what the issue could be? I'm not too confident that I'm going to ever see my promised speeds on a consistent basis anymore.
I'm so unhappy that I am considering leaving, however as I've only been with Vodafone for a couple of months I really cannot be paying any kind of extortionate early termination fees.
Please help me as I'm at my wit's end.
Any help gladly welcomed.
Kind regards
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3: Seeker

2 Days and no response. 


This isn't looking promising.

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3: Seeker

tried for the past hour to get through to customer support.


No one available in online chat.


Phone line just constantly ringing with no answer.

Please release me from this hell.

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4: Newbie

Broadly same issue here. 80mb line speed/guaranteed speed - actual speeds of 5mb and under at peak times.

Cs have sent out a new router, but, as I stressed to them, router faults aren't generally time dependent - why are my speeds only abysmal at peak hours if it's a router fault? They don't seem to be particularly tech savvy - I think that the whole routine is simply to get your 30 days to expire so that you're stuck with them. 

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