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Internet speed

Slower than what I was told. Not even 25 Mbps or the guaranteed speed provided.

4: Newbie



I recently subscribed to Vodafone Broadband and when I was checking I was presented with an estimated of 31.38 Mbps and 46.31 Mbps as you can see per the image. It even says I can get Superfast 2!


I am currently getting 24.6 Mbps, close to 25 Mbps, but not there. Guaranteed speed says to be 27.40 Mbps.


(please check attached screens)


Anything I can do?

Thank you.

16: Advanced member

When you got your broadband you should have received a letter that confirmed your guaranteed speeds on your Superfast 2 contract.


Looking at what you've posted you need to speak to customer services over the phone or via web chat to get them to investigate.  The clue that there may be a fault is that the download SNR is HIGHER than the upload SNR - that is a very rare situation.  This is a fix that most probably requires the intervention of a BT Openreach engineer so those of us on these forums can do almost nothing to help!


FYI, once it's fixed if you use any of the speedtest sites you will get inaccurate results if you use a device that does not have the correct time and date set!

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Hello @alal! I'm disappointed to hear you're having issues with your speeds- we'd love to help with this ☺️ Can you let me know if you're used your connection over a wired or wireless connection? Ross

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