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Internet speed

Sorry Vodafone, this is not acceptable

2: Seeker

See my stats below.


I have had a line problem for Months. My line should be capable of 50mb down and 8mb up, but as can be seen below, this is nowhere near it 


Everyone your team's test my line or openreach visit, there is no fault.


To top it all. The other side of our road is now getting FTTP while I am stuck with an ancient dire line.


Vodafone I would like you to sort it out.



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2: Seeker


Speed test currently reports 10mb down and 1mb up.


On a 50mb line. Seriously Vodafone your ripping me off

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15: Advanced member

Yup the upload speed is appalling!


Because of the way some of the speedtest sites work though, in order to get an accurate speed on the download, you may need to correct the date on your computer and then re-run the test!


*FYI if anyone wants to check this, change the time and date on the device you are using (turn off any time syncing while you do this) then run a speed-test.  Now put everything back how it was and run another speed-test.  You'll see that something as simple as having your time and date too far out can have an effect!

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Thanks for getting in touch @crocks. It's really disappointing to see you're not getting the speeds you should be. 

Please contact us via Facebook at Vodafone UK, or get in touch on Twitter using the handle @VodafoneUK; so one of our team can take a closer look into this.

Please also provide a link to this thread, along with your username; this will save time and we’ll be able to help you quicker.

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